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Bawra Man Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna – II

Posted: February 23rd, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Musings | 20 Comments »

To continue the string left at “when” in part I of this post, lets talk about other “Ws” here, in part II


I started my SAP career 5 years back and the journey has been more than interesting. One thing which fascinates me about SAP is that there is so much to learn every day that you are always on your toes. Having said that, as you might know, that even though India is most favored offshore destination, sometimes the scope of work can be limiting. It can be to an extent that your learning can get over shadowed by the monotonous work which serves no real value or no new learning to your career.

After working for almost 3 years, I realized that the work I was doing had limited scope, as a result, I was unable to challenge my limits. Learning also took a hit because of the same reason. It is a fact that once you get comfortable in your job it gets very boring, if you are thrown a challenge then you realize that you are rusted. To challenge my limits and also to venture into unknown territories of SAP, I switched company.

Joining a new company is almost like writing on a clean board. You might have certain experience with you, but still you need to prove yourself, among your peers. You could be an achiever in your previous organization, but in the new organization you have to start from zero. I enjoyed this initial phase after the switch. After that the story used to be like regular Bollywood masala (minus the masala :-)). There was no fun because the work was more or less the same and sometimes I felt that I was not doing anything meaningful, although it was valuable to the company/project.

On the other hand, I had started joining sessions about start ups and was reading loads of stuff about entrepreneurship (as I’ve written earlier). So, it was facet time for me. I was not finding my regular work enticing & challenging enough and at the same time I had developed heavy interest in start ups. My interest in start up was supported by the projects that started flowing in for my brother’s startup, which I helped him setup.It was like an icing on the cake.

So, here I was, on a crossroad of life, where I’m in a well paying job with sufficient experience in certain technology, ‘settled’ as they would call it but still something unsettling about the job and on other hand a non-walked, challenging, adventurous but might satisfy the unresting something in me with a feeling of starting something from scratch.

I chose the latter.


I’m joining GenXsource, as a co-founder. We plan to make awesome looking websites, web apps that should & would change our client’s world for better. Apart from this, some really interesting ideas are brewing in our minds, which are raring to be live. I am joining this venture full time starting this month.


As of now, we are based at Agra because that is my hometown. Starting up in Agra isn’t easy because finding potential resources with vision is a lot of problem. But considering the proximity to Delhi, it should work as an advantage for us. There are some other advantages as well, like infrastructure and recurring cost, which is low as compared to metro/tier-1 cities. The man power cost is low (if you can find them).

Also, while starting up it’s very important that you be emotionally strong to deal with daily hiccups of your venture. Being with your family certainly helps so you hold your ground for good and for sure.

I know it’s not going to be a smooth sail. I might stumble in this effort of starting up, in romancing the idea of doing something meaningful, in being my own boss.

But what I do know is, I will not dread Mondays, I will not do something which I don’t like, I will not hate my job and still keep working because I have to pay that car or home loan EMI.

I’m Escaping From Cubicle Nation, I am Changing Status-Quo, I’m Trying, I’m Starting Up.

Please wish me luck :-)



Bawra Man Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna – I

Posted: February 18th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Musings | 5 Comments »

After learning that I’ve quit my well paying job, a lot of my friends/colleagues have been asking all sorts of questions
” Why are you quitting?”
“What are you going to do?”
“Why not SAP?”
“How did you come up with this insane thought?”
“Where are you starting up?”
“What kind of venture are you starting?”

To answer all these questions and more, I thought it would be good to answer all these questions/concerns on my blog.

This is going to be a long story so I’m going to break this post in two parts. I formatted this post in the form of one H and Five W’s (but, in my own order :-))


After completing my computer graduation, I started working as a system administrator in Agra.. I had very little interest whatsoever in programming, however, I did like the web related stuff. Be it surfing website, trying my hands on creating websites or even finding new websites. Even though I wasn’t good enough in web designing but still, I liked spending my hours surfing on net of nets, internet. I was so fascinated by websites, that I used to go to surf internet in cyber cafes, for as high as Rs. 60/hour. Mind it, it was the time when the broadband wasn’t available and people had fixed line dial-ups (remember that annoyingly amusing tone which phone modem used to make while connecting to internet ?).

Being a network administrator, I touched base with Linux, and before I knew I developed interest in Linux too. After reading “Linux For You” for months, I decided that it was time to move to Linux. It was easier said than done. In Agra, there were no Linux institute back then. So, the only choice I had was to move to bigger city and Delhi/NCR was an obvious choice.

Quitting job to switch to Linux & to a new city wasn’t a viable idea. Moreover, I had to plan for my accommodation and course fee in Delhi, too. Joining a weekend course in Delhi, while working in Agra didn’t interest me. Let’s join a BPO!, Problem Solved. Getting into a BPO was comparatively easier, would fetch me a decent salary to survive and I can quit BPO as soon as I finish my course.

Came Sept 2004, when I joined IBM Daksh, as an e-support specialist. Man, this place was something. The energy at workplace was humongous. People coming across from different states of India made it even more of an interesting place to work in. And since it being my first experience of corporate environment, it was too good to be true for me. Soon, the energy, the unusual schedule took over me. There was no time for anything, except for going to office, completing my contributions to my work, dumping my body in the cab, coming back to my place, sleeping and the following iterations.”REPEAT” had become my life. (I was warned about this by my friends, but who cares !) The Linux infatuation couldn’t fight this schedule and before I could date Linux, we broke up.

However, one good thing happened there. I got plenty of time to indulge in my hobby of browsing internet. Got introduced to Blogs, Photoblogs and different kinds of websites/tools/web products. That was the era of Blogspot, Orkut, Hi5, Myspace. It was here, I acquired my now (in)famous googling skill among my friends/colleagues and became an early-adopter among them for web services/products.

I look back & it makes me believe that it was the time when unknowingly a foundation stone was laid for what is today.


In Aug, 2009, a friend had setup a software company and he got in touch with me to help him. This was a golden chance for me as he was starting from scratch and I could help him in setting him up his venture. I was offered a partnership in this venture, however, I didn’t join as a partner.
For almost six months, I gave a lot of time to this venture.From deciding the name of the company, to making hiring decisions, strategic planning and even getting the customers. It’s very exciting to start a company, the adrenaline rush, the feeling of building something from nothing, it is just awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed devoting my time to it.

However, later I realized that our visions were very different for the company and it wasn’t possible for us to continue together. So, I parted my way from this venture after learning my lesson and wishing him luck.

Since my college days, I was involved in couple of ventures. I started two ventures with my friends but unfortunately, those never took off. The joy of starting a ‘real’ company was something completely different than to work in my job, which to me was always unresting..

This was the time when my brother was about to finish his Masters in Computers. After fiddling with the idea to have a start up of his own, he started his venture and it was again an opportunity for me to help build a company from the scratch :-).

To be continued….. ( part II )