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No, I’m not an engineer

Posted: April 12th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Musings | 1 Comment »

No! I’m not an engineer

Yes, although, I am working in IT but I’m not an engineer. I know engineer are different breed, they save world by coding and working in IT. But I’m not engineer. I’m a simple-plain just another computer graduate working in IT.

I know for a fact it’s not at all fashionable to be in IT industry without a B.E./B.Tech badge. People get surprised and sometimes shocked that a person like me is sitting among them who is not an engineer and he is as good, if not better, as them.

I was an average student during my schooling days. I did want to join engineering college like everyone else. I did not want to do it because of my interest in it but because every other person in my class was trying for it. however, I realized that it was something which was not meant for me. I just didn’t feel the need to get an engineering degree. I did not even appear for a single entrance test for engineering and ended up getting computer science graduate degree.

Is it really required to get an engineering degree to work in IT? I mean I have seen all sorts of engineer (chemical, mechanical and even civil engineers) working in different roles in IT. I really don’t understand what problem the mechanical/chemical engineer is solving by coding in Java/PHP or administering the Oracle database. Is this what he has got education for?

With all due respects to engineers, there are more than approximately 3500 engineering colleges (couldn’t find an official figure on AICTE website) and these days one can get admission easily in any Baankelaal Chavannichhap Engineering College, which might have setup of few acres in the far most outskirts of city with almost no infrastructure and most of the faculties comprising of old students. Need not to say, the quality of these engineers is not very reliable. In 2004, India produced more than 450,000 engineers out of which 31% were Computer engineers. But are these engineers employable? Answer is a clear no.

These engineers will have to go through a rigorous training of 2-3 months in the company and then only they will be somewhat productive after signing the service level agreement of 2 years, in most cases. And trust me on this, for these kind of thorough trainings you don’t have to be an engineer.

I’m not saying that guys with degrees like MCA are directly employable, however, they have better understanding of computers and their learning curve would be shorter as compare to a mechanical/chemical engineer.

So, It’s not the degree what matters. It’s the attitude, knowledge and skills that matter. No doubt that engineering degree would put you in job queue ahead of few not-so-cool computer graduate like me but it would definitely not give you that extra edge while working. You have to prove yourself.

P.S: This posts is not at all talking about engineers from IIT/NIT and such elite colleges, this post is about engineering colleges in every nuke and corner of every city.