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SAP NetWeaver 7 Certified

Posted: July 31st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: SAP/Unix | 34 Comments »

I am now SAP certified NetWeaver 7.0 Associate consultant. After couple of months of preparation, delays of exam and a few software glitches from SAP, I could take my exam and cleared it.

I was a little bit sceptical about it in like any other person whether to go for certification or not. I have also gone through the eternal debate of SAP certification – does an experienced person in SAP really requires certification or it’s just a waste of money.

Read more about it here: Is SAP Certification Worth the Money? from Jon Reed Vs. SAP certification not worth much from IT Knowledge Exchange.

However, as I have completed 3 years as a SAP Basis consultant few months back, I thought this is the right time to go for certification as it would add value to my resume in recession hit economy.

The course C_TADM51_70 contents 5 books in total (almost 3000+ pages). The course material is very conclusive and demands a lot of persistence in studying. You don’t need any other reference material other than these 5 books because you will get all questions from these books only. You need to go through these books at least thrice to remember the every detail of SAP concepts. Thanks to Rafael OoOshiro, I stumbled upon to the concept of creating Mind Maps for studies. Creating mind map along while studying is a nice idea, it makes studying fun and you can have a lesson/unit in an uncluttered way in one single mind map.

The best part I liked about this SAP certification exam is that you don’t get braindumps for it on Internet like any other certification programs like MCSE, OCP etc (without any offence to these exams). So, you have to study the complete course material and have to understand each and every concept in detail. Although, I do believe there should be some sample questions so a person can get an idea about type of questions asked. Until recently, there were no sample questions. I think SAP has identified this problem and has given some sample questions on it’s website (See here) :-).

I have observed that there was a lot less information about SAP certification exams as compared to other certification until recently. The fee, course contents, registering and passing score etc but now, SAP education site provides the complete information.

While preparing for this certification, I thought of sharing knowledge and that’s how I register my own SAP website This website would be my learning canvas of SAP. On SAPguru, I would be sharing whatever I learn, I am in the process of writing few articles, How-To articles etc. I would also be uploading the Mindmaps which I have prepared as notes for my SAP certification prepration, these come very handy in revising the complete stuff in a nutshell.

Here, I would like to clear that I do not have any dumps or something similar to it which I would give you and you’ll clear the exam. Please don’t ask for it in comments. My only objective of would be sharing knowledge. So, stay in touch for the update! :-)

Update: I did not put content on and let it expire because I realized later that another website with name SAPguru ( is functioning and a simple Google search tells me that it’s not a nice idea to build a brand on SAPGuru. I have now registered a different domain, on which I’m working on. This would be updated soon here.

34 Comments on “SAP NetWeaver 7 Certified”

  1. 1 Kamran Abbas said at 1:16 am on September 11th, 2009:


    My name is Kamran Abbas and I’m new to SAP. Its nice that you have shared your thoughts here. I’m learning SAP BASIS nowadays and my main aim is to get a jobin SAP BASIS as I’m desperately looking for a job. So if you find any openings in SAP BASIS or anyone who requires SAP BASIS people, please please let me know. I’m ready to take any opening. I can give the certification later but right now after completing the course i need a job in SAP BASIS.

    I went to your site but it seems its not ready yet.

    Anyways it was nice talking to you here. You can reply me at

    Talk to you later.


    Kamran Abbas

  2. 2 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 8:36 pm on September 11th, 2009:

    Hi Kamran,
    From where did you do your course? If you have done it from SAP India/Siemens then there should not be a problem to get a job.
    All the best for your future.

  3. 3 Mike said at 9:51 pm on September 27th, 2009:

    Hi Sudhir

    Nice Blog :-)
    I’m currently prepare for the NW 7.0 Certification C_TADM51_70.
    I cannot see an end of preparation and i think, anything i read, i forget after short time. :P

    I read about your mind map and i think it’s a great method for a overview of these 2500+pages of course material.

    Do you share your mindmap with other peoples?
    It would be very glad if you could send me this MindMap per Mail:

    Many thanks and Bye

  4. 4 Kamran Abbas said at 2:50 am on October 2nd, 2009:

    Hi Sudhir,

    I’m doing my SAP BASIS from Canada. Also if you have any mindmap will be great if you share.


    Kamran Abbas

  5. 5 Viswanath said at 11:56 am on October 6th, 2009:


    This is Viswanath Krishnan who cleared the exam.What I would advice you is to understand the concepts very well as the questions will not be direct.
    First two books are very important and concenterate on those.

    Nevel leave any topic.The passing percentage is 52 but there are negative marking.To be honest,One need to work hard and understand the concepts,else it is a daunting task .

  6. 6 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 10:56 am on October 8th, 2009:


    Congratulations for clearing the exam. I agree that understanding the concepts is the most important part in any exam and first two books are very important, however, there are NO negative marking in the exam and also passing %ge is 72% not 52.

  7. 7 subhajit dutta said at 3:21 pm on February 25th, 2010:

    I am preparing for C_TADM56_70.I have undergone the training form SAP ACADEMY and have the complete material of TADM10,TADM12 and TADM56.Apart from the normal lessons in those books there are some appendix as well covering some important topics(like CTS+)

    Whether we need to study those appendix ?
    Will the questions in exam cover the topics in appendix?

    Any idea…..

  8. 8 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 11:12 am on February 26th, 2010:

    Hi Subhajit,
    As far as I know you won’t get questions from appendix. However, it’s a good idea to go through appendix at least once-twice. If I remember correctly, CTS+ is not part of appendix and important for your skills.

    All the best for your exam.

  9. 9 Viswanathan said at 6:43 pm on March 17th, 2010:


    I believe you are talking about the ver 6.0.The ver 7.0 has negative marking and the passing percentage is 53 %.I took my exam in sep 2009.

  10. 10 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 9:25 pm on March 17th, 2010:


    No, I’ve taken 7.0 exam only. There are no negative marks and no marks are given for partially correct answers. The passing %ge is 72%.

  11. 11 Name (required) said at 5:33 pm on March 19th, 2010:

    Well when did you take ur exam?If it is after aug 2009 then may be pattern has changed else I am pretty sure that the passing percentage is 53% .

  12. 12 Viswanathan said at 5:40 pm on March 19th, 2010:

    Check the website last comment…

  13. 13 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 8:12 am on March 20th, 2010:

    I took my exam in July 2009 and invigilator explained everything including passing marks and it was 72%. I have gone through the link given by you, however, couldn’t find anything related to passing marks.

  14. 14 Viswanath said at 9:46 am on March 20th, 2010:

    Pls find the comments below.

    Hi Sameer,

    There are basically two ABAP certification exams now, one is C_TAW12_04 and the other is C_TAW12_70. You can choose any one of them. There are some differences in both the papers. 04 has partial marking and 70 does not have partial marking. 04 cutoff percentage is 70% and 70 cutoff percentage is 52%, in the 70 paper there are some Netweaver 7.0 topics which are not there in 04 paper.

    P.S: I wrote the 70 paper, so I am pretty sure that the cutoff is 52%, if you need any more info,put a mail. I will let you know.


  15. 15 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 7:21 pm on March 20th, 2010:

    HI Viswanath,

    Now I understand the reason for confusion, I appeared for C_TADM51_70 (Technology Consultant) and not for ABAP. :-)


  16. 16 magiver said at 2:05 pm on March 31st, 2010:

    Did any body have the material of sap basis netweaver 7.0 becouse i have amaterial of basis netweaver 6.4

  17. 17 suhel desai said at 10:19 am on April 29th, 2010:

    where can i find the mind map that you made?? cant see it anywhere on sap guru,….can u please post the link?

  18. 18 suhel desai said at 10:21 am on April 29th, 2010:

    Can u pls give link of entire mind map? screen shot on flickr is partial.

  19. 19 anwar said at 3:05 pm on May 23rd, 2010:

    Hi all,

    actually i went to the exam , but unfortunately i didn’t pass the exam because
    i didn’t prpare my self well and i think the exam is not that much difficult .
    i recommended dont waste your time in database just read it .
    and i recommended to understand the software logistic in adm 315 .
    so all the best for you , by the i got 71
    in the exam .

  20. 20 swapnil said at 11:33 am on May 30th, 2010:

    I am appearing for c_taw12_70 abap certification exam. Kindly help me to know what is the pattern of questions asked and also if any boby has certification material kindly send to my mail id. Thank you in advanced

  21. 21 Shivendra Singh Yadav said at 8:42 pm on June 7th, 2010:

    Hello Friends,

    It was nice to see your article. i am giving my certification exam in july-2010. have completed all 5 books. but lacking the confidence :). starting the revision now. need some suggestion how to move further.

  22. 22 Name (required) said at 6:31 pm on July 1st, 2010:

    Passing percentage for ABAP is 55% because i took the exam in Aug ’09 and got 54% and did not pass.

  23. 23 Pradeep Mohan Das said at 7:06 am on July 3rd, 2010:

    Hello sir,
    At the very outset congratulation for clearing the exam. I am planning to take up the exam C_TAW12_4 in August. I need guidance from you regarding the preparation . Please provide me information regarding the passing marks and negative marking. Please provide any additional information,tips or tricks used by you to clear the certification exam.Will eagerly await your reply.

    Thanks and regards

  24. 24 General info reqd said at 11:58 am on July 5th, 2010:

    What is the course fees for NW 7.0 at siemen’s/saplabs? Genovate is asking for almost 3.2 lacs including certification? Is it worth? Can I get a job for not less than 10 lacs after completing this course (and certification) with having any prior exp in SAP. This information is important for me since I am already servicing a home loan and a car loan.

  25. 25 General info reqd said at 12:00 pm on July 5th, 2010:

    A small mistake in my earlier post…i meant without having exp in sap

    What is the course fees for NW 7.0 at siemen’s/saplabs? Genovate is asking for almost 3.2 lacs including certification? Is it worth? Can I get a job for not less than 10 lacs after completing this course (and certification) without having any prior exp in SAP. This information is important for me since I am already servicing a home loan and a car loan.

  26. 26 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 12:03 pm on July 6th, 2010:

    Thanks Pradeep.

    I have no idea about C_TAW12_4 exam. The only tip I can give you is go through the course material thoroughly several times.
    All the best!

  27. 27 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 12:05 pm on July 6th, 2010:

    I don’t think it would be possible to get a job in that salary bracket considering you will be starting afresh in SAP. However, if you are going in for Functional consultant and you have prior experience in same domain then there are chances you get salary somewhere near that figure but not at par.

  28. 28 VG said at 11:03 am on July 20th, 2010:

    Hi All,

    Which 5 books we have to read for SAP Netweaver 7.0 C_TADM51_70 exam, I mean TADM’s?


  29. 29 Sudhir Upadhyay said at 4:37 pm on July 21st, 2010:

    Please check the for required books.

  30. 30 anwar said at 4:52 pm on July 21st, 2010:

    Hi VG ,

    you have to read all tadm 10-12-51 well ,
    and there is alternative books it called
    adm 315 for software logistic 40 % it will too much important .
    adm 100- 102 for abap
    adm 200 for Java stack .
    and read saptec as well .

    all the best in your next exam .


  31. 31 shivendra singh yadav said at 8:47 pm on July 22nd, 2010:

    first of all go through all 5 books, then start your revesion with syllabus. try to find out the latest dumps available. revise your contents atleast 3 times…

  32. 32 brillo said at 10:29 am on August 28th, 2010:

    hello guys
    im planning to take up the exam in c_tadm51_70
    i like to knw the pass % ?
    total number of questions ?
    any negative marking?
    any dumps u have plz mail it to

  33. 33 gryadav said at 9:51 pm on September 14th, 2010:

    Hello All,

    I am preparing for SAP Netweaver Technology Associate – System Admin Certification Exam. I have TADM 10, 12 and 51 books.

    I am looking for some advice from the people who cleared the exam. How much time you people took it to read and revise all these Book, Any suggestions on how to get started and imp area’s

    I would appreciate your response.


  34. 34 Name (required) said at 12:09 pm on June 8th, 2011:

    Hi Sudhir,

    I have been working in sap basis since 3 yrs , now i want to have this certification , so please kindly help me , from where i can have this material so that i can study and prepare.

    Help me…!

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