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The Rishikesh Experience

Posted: May 7th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Musings | 15 Comments »

camping-in-rishikeshOne of the New Year’s promises to me (not resolutions) was to go on few trips (mostly adventure trips). I explored few possibilities and settled in for water rafting in Rishikesh. Although, it is quite far from Mumbai and travelling time was a lot, however, the experience was well worth it. Here is my Rishikesh experience.

After searching for rafting information and several packages we zeroed in for booking from this company. (link removed because of virus infected pages, nonetheless website is The plan was simple, get a train to Delhi, preferably, Garib Rath, because it’s departure timings suited us and the fare is low as compared to Rajdhanis’ then get a car to Rishikesh. However, the Murphy’s law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” did not fail to impress and the great Indian railway’s website ( did not work while booking for Tatkal tickets to Delhi and we had to settle for a holiday special train that derailed our plans and we struggled to get a car on hire in Delhi to Rishikesh.

Finally, we managed to reach Rishikesh and on first sight of the Ganga and our river side camp, we forgot all our tiredness and sleepless night. We spent 2 days (almost) and one night in camp (without light) and it was pure fun. On first day, we did rock climbing and a small stretch of trekking to a water fall (can’t remember the name of waterfall).

picture-196-largeThe next day was the D day, after small session of instructions on how to sail, swim and survive in rapids we started the water rafting. The water rafting is an amazing sport, when cold water splashes on your face, the feeling is awesome, when you see the rapids ahead of your boat, when your boat inclines for more than 80 degrees, when your oar doesn’t find water because you are in air due to rapids.
The food and service in camps were good; however, the toilet facilities could have been better.

I couldn’t help but remembering the TATA Safari Dicor ad.

If you looked back on your life, what would you remember?
The corner office?
The corporate powerplays?
The VIP lounge?
What would you remember?
Reclaim your life.

This is one of the satisfying holidays I have ever taken. I would suggest one should do river rafting at least once in life.

Expense statement:

Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai Train fare (AC III tier): Rs. 2300
Delhi-Rishikesh-Delhi (Innova)- Rs. 6000
2 Days/1 Night in camp including food and all activities: Rs. 1700
Verdict: Satisified :-)