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How to reset backup status of tablespaces using Brtools

Posted: October 27th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: SAP/Unix | 1 Comment »

When a backup is terminated abruptly then sometimes the backup status of tablespaces remain active. In oracle 10g, you can reset the backup status of all tablespaces using the query

alter database end backup

However, in Oracle 9i you can not reset the backup status of tablespaces in one go using the above query if database status is open.

You can reset the backup status of tablespace from SQL using the following query.

alter tablespace tablespacename end backup

in this process, you will have to give one tablespace at a time, or, you can reset the backup status in one go by following the below steps in BRTOOLS.

Orasid> brtools

Select 2 – Space management

Select 4 – Alter tablespace

Press c twice to continue

Select 4 – Reset backup status

You will see the list of tablespaces which are in backup mode. Enter the range for e.g. if there are 10 tablespaces listed then input 1-10

Press c to continue.

This would reset the backup state for all tablespaces.

Tip: if you need to kill a running backup for any reason. Always kill the backint process not the brbackup process. It would make sure that tablespaces’ backup status is not active.