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Posted: June 8th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Tools/Service | 1 Comment »

Vakow the SMS forwarding portal has transformed it into micro-blogging on tunes of Twitter. Now, you can create your SMS blog on Vakow! and post your micro posts through SMS. Another new feature in new Vakow is you no more require score of +2 in order to send SMS to your subscribers ( they call them followers).

If you are twitter loyalists in spite of their frequent downtime then also Vakow has a solution for you. you can tweet to your twitter account using Vakow and it’s money saving as Vakow has a 10 digit number 99015 54321 unlike twitter’s 5566511, which is a premium number on which you are charged from Rs. 2-3 depending on your service provider.

Way to go Vakow!

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    Thanks for the post Sudhir. Please do send in suggestions/feedback that you might have.


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