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The business sense of iPhone 3G in India

Posted: June 27th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: News | Tags: , | No Comments »

As the pre-registration of iPhone 3G is started in India by Vodafone and Airtel, people are anxiously waiting for iPhone, a better mobile phone + iPod and in a price less than Nokia N series.

But wait before you jump to conclusion that iPhone would be available to you in Rs. 8500/- (1 USD= 42 INR approx). Kiruba has this article in which he explains why the real cost of iPhone would not be under Rs. 9000 in India.

The truth be told, Apple really isn’t slashing its cost of handsets. It’s just passing on the slashed cost to the mobile operators. Apple sells the phone to Airtel and Vodafone for a little lower than the original cost of $399, maybe for about $350 (approx Rs 15,000). While Airtel or Vodafone may sell it to you for about Rs 9,950, they will recover the loss by a slightly higher monthly charge over a two year period.

Although, there are reports that an iPhone (8 GB) costs $173 to make.

Read the complete article by Kiruba.

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