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Why people don’t want to give feedback?

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Recently, I have started sending a weekly newsletter to few of my friends and colleagues. I realized the need of newsletter because of 3 main reasons and they were.

A. A lot of Internet users use Internet for e-mail, chat and social networking (read scrapping on Orkut) only. Yes, they do use Google for search but not to the fullest. Here I am not talking about general Internet users, these users include IT professional as well. I have seen a lot of and I really mean a lot of people not using the power of Internet.

B. All don’t have all time access to Internet and hence can not read blogs and news related to technology or they are not interested in reading blogs but they do want to know latest happenings and news.

C. I read a couple of technology blogs. So, I thought of compiling a weekly newsletter with whatever little information I collect and sending it across to all in my address list.

Now, after releasing two newsletters I have analyzed that people don’t want to give feedback and they try to avoid feedback questions. I had to ask personally how did they like content of the newsletter or if there is anything they would like to change or add into it but I just get plan reply… it’s good that’s it.

I have attended several trainings and seen people talking that training did not have that, it should have been done this way and blah blah.. but when it comes to giving feedback in the end of training, the field any improvement suggestion stays blank and they dutifully gives the average ratings.

What I believe is Feedback is an integral part of your learning and improvement provided if it’s constructive and you are ready to take it.

So, I am wondering what stops people from giving feedback? Have you also seen this kind of trend? Do you (if there is any) have any clue?
Oh.. yes, If you want to see the newsletters it’s available here and yes, Feedback is encouraged and appreciated :-)

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