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Vodafone postpaid connection and environment

Posted: March 3rd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Miscellaneous | No Comments »

You may wonder what Vodafone postpaid connection has got to do with the environment. Yes, there is a very strong connection. Let me explain it.

I have a Vodafone connection from last 2 years and I admit they provide a good service. However, the problem is with their bill (not that they charge more). They send you a hard copy of your mobile bill. You can subscribe for email bill but there is absolutely no way you don’t get this paper bill.

I have tried convincing the customer care representative several times that I do not wish to get the paper bill and they have given me n number of reasons (including a TRAI order.. though I suspect this) to send the paper bill. If they have not sent me the paper bills in last so many months then I might have contributed to save a few branches of a tree if not a tree.

Few years back I had Airtel postpaid connection and they encouraged subscribing for e-bill and after subscribing for e-bill, you will not get the paper bill until specially instructed.

On second thought, you don’t have a Ctrl+F feature in paper bill ;)

Update on 08th March: After visiting the Vodafone store and giving application to stop sending the paper bill. I am assured by Vodafone that I would no more receive a paper bill.

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