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Life in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Posted: March 29th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Miscellaneous | 1 Comment »

It’s been more than two weeks, I am in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and I am quite enjoying it. The place, weather, people, all are great and I am planning to visit some of Europe if not complete.
Here are some random observations about Eindhoven.

* No three pin power sockets :( (had to buy a new Nokia charger)
* Right hand drive (will take time to get used to it)
* A seprate lane for cycles.. cool ( now, I can cycle to work)
* Generally, People are very friendly and although, native language is Dutch most of the people know English.
* Here Sunday means Sunday. You will not find any shop open, very very less traffic on roads, almost deserted. I believe people love to spend quality time with their family.

Rest will be update later…

Vodafone postpaid connection and environment

Posted: March 3rd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Miscellaneous | No Comments »

You may wonder what Vodafone postpaid connection has got to do with the environment. Yes, there is a very strong connection. Let me explain it.

I have a Vodafone connection from last 2 years and I admit they provide a good service. However, the problem is with their bill (not that they charge more). They send you a hard copy of your mobile bill. You can subscribe for email bill but there is absolutely no way you don’t get this paper bill.

I have tried convincing the customer care representative several times that I do not wish to get the paper bill and they have given me n number of reasons (including a TRAI order.. though I suspect this) to send the paper bill. If they have not sent me the paper bills in last so many months then I might have contributed to save a few branches of a tree if not a tree.

Few years back I had Airtel postpaid connection and they encouraged subscribing for e-bill and after subscribing for e-bill, you will not get the paper bill until specially instructed.

On second thought, you don’t have a Ctrl+F feature in paper bill ;)

Update on 08th March: After visiting the Vodafone store and giving application to stop sending the paper bill. I am assured by Vodafone that I would no more receive a paper bill.

Usability issue in Make My Trip

Posted: March 2nd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Miscellaneous | No Comments »

Today while booking a flight ticket in hurry on Make My Trip, I figured that they do not show you a vital information on their flight summary section. Just before you make a payment for your itinerary, you are shown a flight summary and interestingly, your flight summary has all the information you need except departure time.

Make my trip flight summary
Before making payment I wanted to make sure that I clicked on the correct flight and I am paying for the right flight. But, I had to go back and double check that I have clicked the right departure time flight. MMT, are you listening? Please correct this.. don’t latka dijo

eSudhir blog is still alive

Posted: March 1st, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: News | No Comments »

It has been ages this blog is updated. Just when you (if there is any!) thought this blog is dead, I am writing this post.

So where I have been?? was busy in work and some other personal stuff and most importantly I was thinking why do I write a blog but then I read Mani’s this post and I thought, I should give it a try and revive this blog.

Now, I am planning to get back into active blogging. Let’s see how things will turn out this time..

PS: Finally, I am also working on my website and hope this would be ready very soon…